"Finally ! some guitar rock.  Damn, I'm tired of kids with synths moaning about how stressed out they are.

Alan Cross


Solid working mans rock with good riffage, certainly in keeping with what seems to be on the rise right now.

Alan Cross


“What can one say but Howzat Rocks! It’s really fantastic to see and hear true rock once again. Howzat has brought rock back to the way it used to be but with a new feel and style which far surpasses most of what we hear today. They have their own unique style which is undoubtedly taking everyone and the airwaves by storm. Rock on Hozwat!”

Lady Catherine....




“Saturday I had the pleasure of talking on my show with Kevin Rudy of the band HOWZAT. The Classic Rock style group is a kick ass original band from London, and Kevin made time to stop in for a quick visit to the studios of 91.7 Giant FM. Check the Giant Facebook page for some pictures- or go to howzatrocks.com Their videos are worth your time. This band ROCKS!”

Patrick Porter - 91.7 fm The Giant




“I'm truly amazed at the quality of the music and the shoot. I get a lot of amateur work sent to me, but this is one of the best I've heard. Reminds me of AC/DC, Van Halen, CCR- and the guitars compare to some of the best of ZZ Top. Vocals, lyrics and drums are second to nothing out there. Very Impressive!”

Patrick Porter - 91.7 fm The Giant




“Oh so awesome.....love it!”

Lady Catherine Parsons




“Wowwww....you rock!!!!!”





“Now Zat ROCKS! The tune has power,dynamics and a great hook in the lyrics.Best of luck with "Storm"-it has every right to get into your head.The camera shoot is icing on the cake”

Wayne Brown




“fanfuckingtastic!!! great job guys!”





“Being a rocker from way back...U killed it!”





“That was great guys! Both the video and the song are fantastic!”

Kim Minshall




“Well now thats the perfect video , the song awesome the lyrics with a clear message. The vission and visual done perfect. Kevin ,Greig, and Matt and Dale, You are continueing the legacy of what "Rock Bands " are all about. You cause this old rocker to drool all over this video. I loved it very very much. Your dream is our dream ! Thanks my very good friends.”

Chico Sanchez




“Wow! Now that's rock!! Awesome job...and I just LOVE this song. If people aren't nodding their heads by the end of this song to the chorus "Hey...hey, hey, hey..." there's something amiss. I hope everyone commenting so far has shared this video to their timeline so they can share it with ALL of their friends too. It must be seen and heard.”

Jodi Thibodeau




“Incredible boys! Absolutely love it!!!! Great job guys,,”

Dave Drehner




“Wow ,.. thats Top Drawer !”

Terry Baisley





Cambridge Ontario Live Music Scene




“Thanks for everything Kevin! You guys rocked the beer tent once again! Certainly won't be the last time. Cheers.”

St Marys Kinsmen




“We always have such an awesome time with howzat! If there was ever a band to follow it's you guys....your stage presence and enthusiasm is second to none....cheers until next time on the dance floor...”

Barb Cornish




“Then it was off to The Dawghouse Pub & Eatery to catch Howzat. What I love about these boys is they deliver danceable tunes and also display in sections the amazing skill set within the band of their individual talent.”

Jim McCormick----Allstage




“Had an awesome time last night!! First time ever seeing Howzat. IMPRESSIVE!! Thanks guys for the great night.”





“Just got in from a great night out with my lovely wife Karen Coward. Howzat.....well that's exactly how we started off the evening, this is our first time seeing these guys and they were awesome @ The Wortley Roadhouse, great to see my friend Dale Penney and to finally meet Kevin Rudy face to face”

Brad Coward




“Great night last night at Sunny's Bar with Howzat, and Yvan Daigle, London Interactive. Yvan Daigle. London Light Wizard! Thanks to Kevin Rudy, Dale Penney, Ralph Dame, and Greigg Fraser! Great show guys!”

Kevin Gorman




“When a band like Howzat walks into your place of employment with an entourage and they are so kind to your customers and to the staff and the music is great , you can't help but love them .”

Cathy Moffat




“Howzat is knocking it out of the park !!!”





“Saw this band for the first time last night AND THEY ROCK! loved 'em!”

Capers Bar.... Kitchener Ontario Canada




“Was at your gig in St. Thomas,ON, last night and was mightily impressed. The cohesiveness of the band with your amazing vocals blew me away.You all are a force to be reckoned with. Rock on man, rock on.”





“Awesome band tonight, forgot how good howzat is”

The Docks in Bayfield




“Awesome job last night guys, thanks for having me on stage lots of fun.”





“Well, it be catch up time on the 'ole status thing here! Had an absolute BLAST! Friday evening with Howzat @ The East Side Bar and Grill. Kevin Rudy, Greigg Fraser, Dale Penney, and Rui Duarte, put on a KICK ASS! Performance! The place was packed and dance floor busy. Well done boys!!”





“Absolutely, incredible night rockin it out at East Side Bar. Loved listening and dancing to all the music that was played. It was like a flashback to my younger days. Thank you for an amazing night.”





“Good day my lovely Facebookers! What a night last night at Eastside East Side Bar with "Howzat"! We had a GDF'n RIOT!!! If you missed it, wellllll.....just remember that name, 'cause they are awesome and you SHOULD have been there! Thanx to "Howzat" for playing your butts off guys, to our faaaabulous staff for being awesome and to all those who who packed the dance floor and partied like rock stars!!!”





“we're never to shy to tell you all when another good band hits the stage in K.W. As musicians we are also supporters of other acts. Stan, Bonnie and myself love nothing better than to catch an act or 3 at the local clubs on our nights off. That said we caught a set of Howzat out of london last night and we thought we'd share some video Stan took of them. Next time their at Caper's you should come out and check them out. Not bad at all boy's. We loved the tune selection and had a great time chatting with the boy's in the band. Enjoy.”

Jo Panic




"were he spent hrs enjoying a band called HOWZAT. The band members were not only great musicians, but big hockey fans to!!!

Stanley Cup Journals